Your Move or Game Over

'Your Move or Game Over' is written with the purpose of stimulating the minds of women and men to understand that they have to look at life as a chess game. In it, Lorene outlines many points which give insight to the need of the human mind to pay attention to the circumstances in one's life. Her hope is that you will be moved by the truth of self-discovery of her honesty, conviction, and openness to share her story with the world.

'Your Move or Game Over' will help you find the courage to move forward in your life. A great master piece and The Self-Help Book of the 21 century.
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Chapter Listing

  1. My Story – The Early Years
  2. Characteristics of a Leader
  3. It's Your Move, It's Your Choice, and It's Your Life
  4. Attitude is Everything
  5. 12 Principles for Positive Change
  6. Your Move or Game Over
  7. The Greatest Chess Game
  8. The Hand You Were Dealt
  9. 13 Key Habits
  10. Anybody Can if You Only Believe – My Business
  11. Anybody Can if You Only Believe – Building Your Business
  12. Conclusion

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