My Journey to Change

Change Your Mind –Change Your Life

My ultimate motivating factor is helping enough people to get what they want. In turn, I will get all that life has for me spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially! I know that money allows people to have the one thing that they have the very least of; TIME.

See, you only live once and then you die. I really want you to think about that statement.

You live for a while and then you die. And there is no coming back. There is no REDO button that you can hit and try all over again. The present is right now and the future is not promised.

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My Bio

Lorene Brown-Watkins… in her own words.

I am a native of Panama City, Panama, coming to the United States as a child in the late 1960's. I was raised by my grandparents in Harlem (New York) as the oldest of seven children. I am very family oriented and love people. I grew up attending church at least twice every week. All my role models were adults in the church because it took an entire village that cared about each young person.


I was taught great leadership and competiveness at an early age through various youth organizations that I was part of. I was involved in a group called Pathfinders where we learned all the skills that prepared me for who I am today.

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